The Lac Of Signs (2013)

The Lac of Signs is a hologram of a solo performance of Chrysa Parkinson based on the ballet classic Swan Lake (Le Lac Des Cygnes).

At what point in dance history did narrative became unpopular and moreover, un-cool? The historical avant-garde rejected fiction in dance as an apparatus that distracted viewers from the real. Fairy tales were no longer acceptable, and their legacy in dance and performance still remains dubious today. But did we throw out the baby with the bathwater when we got rid of storytelling in order to rid performance of its illusions?

With these questions in mind, artist and choreographer Andros Zins-Browne choreographed the hologram The Lac of Signs in a virtuosic if implausible attempt to retell the story of Swan Lake. Here, in addition to a libretto, the story is told through an endless number of narrators, as embodied by one performer, disappearing into her virtual double.

Tour Dates 2013:
June 16 (preview)- wp Zimmer, Antwerp
August 23&24 (premiere)- MDT Stockholm
October 22-24- STUK, Leuven
December 8&9- Atalante, Gothenburg

January 22&23 Danstationen, Malmö
July 14- Forsythe Lab, Frankfurt
October 23-26- HAU1, Berlin
November 13-15- Kaaitheater, Brussels


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