color a body who flees (2022)

i belong to no one. Least of all, me.*

Commissioned by The Hammer Museum, Los Angeles for the group show Lifes, curated by Aram Moshayedi, color a body that flees unfolded as a 32-channel, six track sound work, accompanied by two performances. Conceived by choreographer Andros Zins-Browne and devised collaboratively along with Holland Andrews, Elaine Carberry, Loren Davis Fisher, and Jessika Kenney, the work departed from philosopher Fahim Amir's 2021 text, Stealing Colors which looks at the mutability and politics of color in the history of art and philosophy. The performances which extrapolated Amir's text into a libretto and performance practice in dialogue with a scenography of sheet metals designed by Fisher- explores the dynamics at stake between confinement and fugitivity, and what it might mean to live as colors- in constant oscillations of movement that merely feign recognition while eluding objective identities.

Photos, courtesy The Hammer Museum, Los Angeles; Tameer Peak

*lyric from 'i belong' by Elaine Carberry