The Chaos Opera (2019)

Din is Discourse’ –Édouard Glissant

The Chaos Opera, draws on Édouard Glissant’s defense of chaos as a mechanism for coping with and embracing difference. The workshop brought together five voices from diverse backgrounds such as R&B, Bolero, Death Metal, Rap, and Opera and asks how different voices might cohabitate- literally and figuratively- the same space without capitulating, assimilating, or forcing a cohesion (as in ‘fusion’ music). How can different voices maintain their opacity (rather than the often idealized ‘harmony’) with each other, and how might this cacophony allow for new forms, voices, and hybrid languages to emerge?

The Chaos Opera was a commission from the Museum of Art and Design Miami in the context of the group show Where The Oceans Meet

Curated by Asad Raza, Rina Carvajal, Hans-Ulrich Obrist