Jerome Bel, 1995 (2020)

Commissioned by KADIST (San Francisco, Paris) and e-Flux for the symposium Ways of Seeing, Zins-Browne re-imagines the seminal work by choreographer Jérôme Bel, Jérôme Bel, 1995 as a solo performance.

Using minimal theatrical elements, (a nude body, light and sound from an iPhone, a tube of lipstick) Zins-Browne explores the borders that define the physical body from its digital doubles. When is the body substantive material and when is it a vessel of information? As what is inside, literally and figuratively pours out, and the flashlight of the phone (self-) examines every hidden orifice, questions of surveillance, bio-political power, and the becoming-virtual of a human body emerge. A knot of data points, bodily fluids, and racial identity complexifies the seemingly simple transparency of a body on a stage.